I love lizzmonade so much! My entire family is obsessed! More locations please!

Stacy from Brooklyn NY

I’ve never had a more refreshing drink in my entire life.

Jake from Staten Island, NY

My only regret is that I can’t have this every single day.

Scott from Union, NJ

I haven’t tried a flavor I haven’t liked yet.

Jason from Rutherford, NJ

I want lizzmonade running through my veins, when’s that coming?

Evan from New Milford, NJ

Lizzmonade is so perfect, I want my kids to be like Lizzmonade one day.

Megan from Neverland, Atlantis

We don’t have stuff like this in the south, I’m amazed.

Cleetus from Atlanta, GA

You were amazing, everyone loved the lizzmonade stand. It saved my wedding!

Marianne from Rockaway, NJ