Nibbling At The Apple: Day 21 – Lemony Goodness

The other day at the Fourth of July street fair on Water Street I had the most delicious and refreshing lemonade I have ever had. I didn’t find a place to fit this in on yesterday’s blog but I must sing praises about this lemonade. It is from an up-and-coming refreshment business that doesn’t even have a storefront yet, they are working towards it. The name of the company is Lizzmonade. Apparently, it was founded by a person named Liz. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Well, I’m a lover of lemonade. More so than sweet beverages, I enjoy flavors that are so tart and sour they cause your lips to pucker with every sip. The sweetly sour green apple green tea is often my bubble tea of choice. Sinigang is a sourly delightful stew that is one of my favorite Filipino foods. I love anything dazzled by a fresh pineapple, freshened by a hint of lime, or punched-up with the flavor of raspberry. With my love of sour on my taste buds naturally lemonade would be a definite go-to drink.

The Lizzmonade stand popped out at me. They had a sleek sign that colorfully stood out. It looked professional compared to the signs on the stands beside it. I was surprised to find out that they don’t have a storefront yet. Their menu has interesting combinations of flavors that include peach and ginger, cucumber and basil, mango and habanero pepper, cherries and kiwi– all of which were lemonade-based. I had the “That’s Just Peachy” which was the peach and ginger flavor. This was an amazing mix of flavors. The ginger complimented the peach and the lemonade brightened up the combination. It tingled the taste buds. I savored every sip and by the time I finished I thirsted for another. This time I tried the “Cool-cumber” which contained cucumber and basil. This was even more of a surprise. I expected the cucumber to not cause much flavor since it is a watery vegetable with little taste. The lemonade actually made the cucumber flavor stand out more. The basil countered the taste with a balance of fresh herby coolness. After two deliciously refreshing drinks I decided I must spread the word that is Lizzmonade.

It is a shame that they don’t have a storefront yet, they can only come to a street fair or private event near you. It looks like all their destinations are in the New York/New Jersey area. Since I’m from Las Vegas – no luck for me. However, I hope that they do eventually get the storefront they deserve. I’m blogging about this little company because I want to see them succeed and I hope the little attention I give them will spark interest in the readers of this blog living in the area. Have a taste of some Lizzmonade! Check out their website at for info on where they will be making “smiles out of sour faces.” I’d like to see them expand, especially to the West Coast. What are they doing only based in Jersey? It is Las Vegas that needs lemonade nearly year round! The desert needs its thirst quenched by Lizzmonade.

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