Local Partnerships: Ore Design

Our collaboration with ORE was founded with the philosophy that there are creative potentials in current scientific research and the natural world which can be synthesized into architectural and industrial design solutions. ORE’s innovative design approach to our commercial project: 1) specified salvaged material 2) repurposing off-the shelf into custom fabrications were just a few of the strategies for managing the cost of our project.

Like the DeKalb Open Air Market together we created a unique gathering space. ORE was onsite continually during construction, leading the building team in realizing their design. They oversaw all facets of the build-out. Over the course of just 4.5 weeks, ORE supervised the purchase of reused materials, directed the electrical service installation, and the cutting and welding required to transform the container into retail concession space. Through outdoor place making and juxtaposition of uses the new Brooklyn Bridge Pop-Up Pool is both a gathering and exhibition space

The re-design of Brooklyn Bridge Pop UP Pool used a diverse landscape: sand, concrete, and wood to engage the natural history and “industrialness” of the surrounding area.