Yelp Elite Event At Lizzmonade

“What could be better than sitting on a sandy beach while staring at NYC’s gorgeous skyline? Sitting on a sandy beach in front of the skyline WHILE sipping on some fresh and delicious Lizzmonade!

Last night, the best of Brooklyn’s Yelp Community headed over to Pier 2 of Brooklyn Bridge Park celebrate summer’s end and take in the fantastic view! Lizz & Lamar and their smiling staff served up fresh-muddled, made-to-order Lizzmonade for each of the guests; these fruity and delicious concoctions are incredible any time of year, but even more fitting for summer. Not to mention, last night they were spiked with the perfect Pumphouse Wine to make sangria! As Renje G noted, it was an “amazing way to end the summer with lemonade sangria. Whuddathunk it would be an outrageously good combination?!”

Summer has definitely wound down, but the weather held up for one last hurrah as Lizzmonade cheered everyone up with tasty treats from their kitchen! Jim P was pleased with the “yummy crab cakes, sliders and quesadillas; just the light summer fare that sealed it against an amazing backdrop of skyscrapers and a flawless sunset.” The atmosphere on the pier is so laidback, it’s a perfect spot to chill out. The board games are just a bonus! Twister in the sand, Connect Four at a picnic table, Jenga anywhere…life is good at Lizzmonade.

A huge thanks to Pumphouse, Lizz, Lamar and the rest of the amazing and accommodating Lizzmonade staff for welcoming us with open arms. They are open until September 30th (and they have Trivia Tuesdays!), and even if you don’t make it we’ll see you there again next summer! Whether or not you made it out, make sure to check out the reviews of the event, the photos from the lovely Liz Clayman, and what folks are saying all over.


Peter D


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