between breakfast & lunch: Lizzmonade

This weekend I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. Check out my selfie!

Afterwards I roamed around Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO. Did you know you can kayak for free during the summer? I’m going to try to squeeze it in before the summer is over.  I visited the new DUMBO Shake Shack (duh) and stopped at a lemonade stand called Lizzmonade.

What’s special about Lizzmonade is that they muddle fresh fruits and herbs (right in front of you with a wooden masher, or is it called a muddler) in the the bottom of a glass. Then they blend the mixture in a cocktail shaker to infuse the fruit and herb flavor with the lemonade. You can also choose how you want your drink seasoned. Naked (no sugar),  agave, or stevia. The fruit selection is seasonal so this time I ordered honeydew pineapple lemonade with basil. It was excellent, and when you drink all the liquid, you can open the top and drink the lemonade infused fruit. I hope to catch Lizzmonade on a day when they have cherries because cherry-mint lemonade sounds delicious.

Lizzmonade has a stand on Pier 1 of Brooklyn Bridge Park and a bar on Pier 2 that serves  a full food menu. They also sell lemonade at markets all over New York and New Jersey.

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